Argo Open Solutions

Argo Open Solutions

Argo Open Solutions has fifteen years' experience in database-backed web application development, corporate systems & email administration, and web and email hosting.

Specialising in content management systems for companies large and small, we're confident we can offer a one stop shop for the growing needs of your business in an online world.

We leverage the power of open-source software to build scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions for our client base.

Linux, Apache, PHP, Perl and SQL may well be terms which make your eyes glaze over, but we're a little unusual in that they put a bounce in our step and get us excited about a fun day's work.

Some examples of our recent projects and clients for 2010 include rollout of new software to over 2,000 touch-screen information kiosks, including a comprehensive CMS for content management, for Healthpoint; administration of Linux servers for Powernet, including migration of a number of web and mail servers to new Linux servers.

We're very excited about Joomla at the moment, a content management solution we've implemented for a number of clients' websites and intranets.